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Data Entries Companies Hiring Home Based Workers

The list I´ve compiled is mostly for US residents but there is a chance for getting hired if your English is advanced and you have previously worked as a data entry clerk with foreign companies. Please do not apply for these positions if your English is bad.

· Ibotta- The company hires mostly American residents but there is still a possibility. Give it a try. Currently, It seems, they are looking for these workers but I would contact them because you never know.

· Ziprecruiter- you can search for jobs via this website, there are lots of companies hiring data entry workers currently. Just type data entry offers ZipRecruiter and you will find some work opportunities there.

· Mynimo- is outsourcing company with thousands job offers, check this out, most positions are Office based but there might be some remote jobs available .

· Flexjobs- the same like the previous two companies, it offers job opportunities in various sectors. Do your research to find suitable position for you

· Indian Company is looking for workers currently- Number of Vacancies: 10. You can earn up to Rs25000 per month. Check their website here.

· AOJONLINEJOBS- is currently on the hunt for new workers. They offer work from home. Full time as well as part-time positions for data entry clerks. I don´t know if they are looking for experienced workers or entry-level positions but you should check their website to find out more here .

· Volt- needs remote data entry workers. The pay is between 13-15 dollars an hour. On the website they are looking for different workers.

· Genex Services- They want full-time workers. The pay is not mentioned but you should find out more about this company. Here.

· Recruiting agency Robert Half- is also on the lookout for home-based workers. However, you need at least 2 years experience to apply for the job as they need highly experienced workers with fast typing speed. Here

· Apex FocusGroup- Part-time workers needed. High School Diploma or its equivalent is needed.

· ABNHIRE- is headhunting for Home Office based workers.

· Requirements: Typing speed 25+ words per minute, Reliable Internet Access, Be able to follow explicit directions. 100% committed to this job. Apply here

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