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List of Data entry jobs you can do remotely

Internet is a useful source of information, you find online job from home easily. Data entry jobs are suitable for those who type fast and can finish the task on deadline.

These jobs offer you the flexibility and comfort. You should be cautious because some companies try to mislead you and won't ever pay you for your work.

Required Skills:

Fast typer

Good organizational skills

Analytical thinking

Critical thinking

Computer Literacy

Advanced English Level (native-like fluency preferred)

Platforms for doing jobs Online from Home:

Fiverr is full of data entry positions, you can create a gig and earn lots of money by doing office jobs. The only con is that you have to build your reputation there and this might take longer than you expected but don't get discouraged and try harder.

Earning money online does not have to remain your dream, It can become a reality.

There is 20% commision on your earnings which is not so bad after all. I am not tax advisor but you have to contact one, regarding your tax liability when working online as freelancer.

How do I start on Fiverr?

Well, first of all, you need to set up an account on the website, then you create gigs. Number of gigs is limited for new sellers but as you build your reputation as seller you get more options.

Each gig should have an SEO title. What is seo? Well, SEO stands for search engine optimization. Change alt tags of your images to rank higher, thus your gigs will appear more often to your potential buyers. You have to figure out what is the best title for your gig. The title you choose can either make people buy your gig or just refrain from making a purchase. The description should be SEO friendly. Use keywords to optimize your gig.

You will also have to add keywords, the best keywords are those that people search for. Do your research, check what keywords your competitors use.

You have to add meta data to your pictures as well to make them SEO FRIENDLY OR FIVERR FRIENDLY. Without appropriate methods, you won't be able to earn money online. The downside of it is that you cannot get clients if you have zero reviews. It would be good if you could get those reviews at least 8 and write a stunning description of your products, maybe decrease the price. If you ask lots of Money, no one will buy because you have no credibility. Without credibility, you won´t be able to get their trust.


iverr offers feature ´´pro seller´´, you can become the pro seller that means your chances of getting hired are slightly increased. However, you need to verify your skills, fiverr demands employee information, list of companies you worked for to ensure the top quality of the service. After all proseller is proseller and these words speak for themselves.

On the website you can apply for data entry positions, it's for free but they offer extra features if you subscribe and pay a small subscription fee. The competition is high but if you work hard you can get lots of clients.

My advice

Accept less money and offer those services for cheap, this way you can get free reviews from those buyers. No one wants to hire people with a lack of experience and risk their business well being. Therefore, bid less let´s say 5 dollars for service. Mention that right from the start so that your employee knows He can trust you. When you gain their trust you will be earning more.

Be polite

This one goes without saying. You should never treat your clients badly. Freelancers have to maintain good relationships with companies. Never start the sentence without saying Hello. Never. Always use proper words. Try to meet them halfway, not matter what. Even a bad client is a client and it´s not about you, it´s always about earning money. They can call you names, treat you badly. You have to finish your order and then it´s up to you if you want to be handled this way in the future after this contract is over.

I don´t say that this platform is bad, I am talking about being a freelancer in general requires more than just language skills or any other skills. Patience, tolerance and self-control is a must as well.

There are plenty of Typing jobs from home available check them out here

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