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Internet is full of information about anything. You can work from home and stay at home. This saves your time and Money as you don´t have to pay for commuting to work.

Finding a high paying job is not easy task, therefore, I´ve decided to put together list of jobs you could be doing from the comfort of your home.

Home-based Jobs- Online Teacher

Demand for Online teachers is high, as companies try to protect its workers during the corona crisis.

There is lots of companies that provide online tutoring, so there is a variety of online work at home opportunities you can choose from. Your chance of getting hired is increased if your native language is English.

You can teach English Online with no experience, so your chance of getting hired is even higher if you have TESOL, TEFL certificate. You can find cheap courses Online, go for 150 hours course or above 120 hours.

Get this certificate to get your dream job. You could teach English online to Chinese students and have enough Money to pay your bills.

There is variety of ways how to teach English online, you can search for clients yourself or work for language schools. Teaching can be demanding at times but it is worth of it. I reccomend you to smile all the time during the interview, chinese love smiling, positive people.

You can write like the best selling author but if you don't smile, you fail.

VIPKID, ItutorGroup are hiring all the time.

Requirements: Native Like Fluency, TESOL certified. Only hard working teacher can succeed as You can be easily replaced if you do not meet their expectations.

Medical Transcriptionist

You could work as medical transcriptionist and earn lots for Money. Medical transcriptions are amongs the highest paying jobs but also a difficult job as you have to listen attentively to everything you hear to avoid any mishaps.


There is lots of online translation jobs on the internet, you can find some opportunities on linkedl, freelancer, fiverr, upwork or even peopleperhour. Translators jobs are not easy but the Money is worth of it, if you are good at what you are doing.

Don´t give up. In most countries, you need special training to become a translator. Degree itself does not qualify you to do the job. In my country 7 years of internship is needed to get the translator license. You have to find out what rules apply in your country.

Freelance Writer

This job can also give you lots of Money, if you excell in writing, then you should apply for it. The pay ranges from 10 euros for 500 words to 20 euros, if all depend on how much you charge. Writing jobs can be demanding but they are worth of it, you should give it a try. You can outsource your clients or apply for available jobs on flexjobs or linkedl.

How to find Home-based Virtual Assistant Jobs

Social media managers earn lots of Money but it´s not so simple to find jobs as such. You can apply either via marketing agencies, or write a blog and attract your prospective clients to your website.

Web developpers as well as designers know about opportunities so you should contact them as this might help you get a job as a virtual assistant online.

Work from home and enjoy sipping on coffee in your bed, that´s nice idea right? But it´s not as easy as it might seem, you have to work hard to find remote jobs online.

Find Data Entry Jobs from Home

Don´t expect to become a millionaire by working as data entry assistant but it can guarantee you steady flow of income into your account. You can find some opportunities on, or even on facebook ( type data entry jobs remote).

Freelance sites like I previously mentioned are good for earning extra Money while working full-time but don´t you think you can make it your full-time job from day one you start doing it.

It takes lots of your time to build reputation on those websites but I don´t want to discourage you from trying it. Give it a try and you will see how this Works for you.

Reputation, lots of reviews is only one piece of puzzle, it takes lots more than just that to make it your full-time income. Cheap courses are available and with data entry operator course you can improve your skills, moreover you will earn professional certificate if you choose your course wisely.

List of Jobs you can do at home is unlimited and working online gives your opportunity to travel the world and learn about different cultural backgrounds. I believe that almost everyone has a potential to earn Money online if you are determined enough to accomplish your goals.

Survey Jobs

You can get paid for trying products or taking surveys. Survey Jobs are well-paid and you can earn extra Money by replying to a list of questions. Sounds easy Right? But Not all survey companies are legimitate and won´t ever pay out. Paid online surveys are good source of income for mothers and students as well who need the side income.

Therefore, you have to conduct your own research before you decide to take up the job. For example Swagbucks will pay you for playing games or watching videos. That seems entertaining 100%.

Survey sites offer you the financial flexibility but you have to explore it further to find out what Works the best for you. The competition is high, it´s difficult to get paid for surveys sometimes. There is lots of survey sites, you can find lots of them on google.

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