How to become a better writer?


Writing is demanding. No one can improve their writing skills without practice. Everything takes time and practice is the most important aspect of writing progress. Without years of writing, I would not become a better writer, never. For a non-native speaker, writing competence may seem like a distant dream.

Start a blog

Blogging requires consistency, when you write you develop your writing skills tremendously. You may not realize it but writing every day can lead to better results. You can buy a notepad and write down new ideas into it. Let's say, write 20 minutes every day. Whether your dream is to be the greatest novelist or blogger does not matter. Write consistently, frequently, patiently and you will see the results, It´s just a matter of time.

Read a lot

Reading every day can enhance your writing to some extent. It takes time and lots of patience. When you read, you see words used in a specific context, thus your writing becomes more sophisticated, enriched with new words or expressions.

Use idiomatic expressions, mainly if you write a blog

With idiomatic expressions, you can add perfection to your writing style.

Avoid the use of personal pronouns

Sentences that start with ´´I like´´ ´´ I hate´´ are the worst-case scenario. Limit the use of personal pronouns and your writing will transform into a masterpiece.

Proofreading is important

There is always a place for improvement. Any imperfections can be fixed when you revise your writing. Let somebody else read your stories, articles and you will get their critical view.

Take a writing course or classes

Writing course can help you fix errors in your language. Punctuations marks are the most difficult part of learning how to become a better writer.

Tips on How to write better:

· Use shorter sentences, thus you will make your writing more readable, simple to your readers.

· Use of complicated is fine as long as your readers do not have to search for words in a dictionary. Make sure the words you use are not from ancient times.

· Don´t complicate anything. Be clear and concise. Complex ideas may be fine but you don´t have to repeat the same idea with multiple sentences telling your audience the same things all over again.

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