How to find free TEFL certification?

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There are lots of options you can choose from when it comes to finding a good TEFL certification. However, not all TEFL, TESOL companies will provide you with accredited teaching programs. Therefore, always do some research before you decide to apply for or pay for a TESOL certificate online or on-site.


You can choose from the TEFL 150 hours course that costs 120 dollars. This course includes a 6 months pack with learning resources. 4 extra teaching modules are available to prepare you for Teaching English to Young Learners, Business English Teaching, Teaching one-to-one and Grammar Lessons. The payment is simple as They offer multiple payment options, so you don't have to worry about transaction restrictions. offers a variety in terms of Online TEFL certification.

The course consists of 8 modules.

The first one is called The World of ELT where you will learn about TESOL, why it is important to advance your teaching career as well as how to find teaching abroad.

In the second part is covered syntax, grammar rules and phonetics, phonology.

Teaching methods are discussed in the third module. You will also learn how to create your own curriculum using your own materials and how to effectively run your lessons. Module number 7 offers you Business English teaching methods. You will also learn how to plan business lessons

Assessment for the course:

You need at least 50% to successfully finish the course and get the certificate. You have to do some quizzes and tests, results will be sent to you via their platform along with the feedback from the assigned tutor.


  • Proficient English Speaker

  • Adobe Reader or similar word processor

  • Bachelor's degree is not requirement but can increase your chances as they mention it

  • Good Internet connection as materials are available Online

They also offer a Teaching Practice Certificate for FREE. You can check their website for more information. The paid version offers you more opportunities therefore, I would definitely go for the 150 hours TEFL course. The main advantage of Online Courses is that you don't need to apply for TEFL courses abroad. In your bedroom or the living room you can practice anytime and with anyone you want.

Your chances of getting hired are slightly increased if you obtain TEFL qualification. Without proper qualification or even a degree, some teaching companies will underpay you unless you are native English speaker. In this case, you don't need a degree but Online TEFL course can land you a Online teaching opportunities faster. Native English speakers earn around 15-25 dollars per 25 minutes.

7 days FREE trial with COURSERA

Arizona State University offers TESOL course Online with a professional certificate. The course is accessible via coursera and you can get free full access for 7 days to test the course and whether it fits your needs.

8 courses are offered altogether. After successfully completing the course you will earn TESOL certification from The Arizona State University which can help you jump start your teaching career

Online courses give you the flexibility and comfort at the same time.

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