List of Paid and Free Online English Courses

English is one of the world’s most spoken languages. It’s a good option if you’re planning to learn a second language. However, there are plenty of online English classes available right now which makes the process a bit challenging to find the best course for your specific needs. Also, you need to decide whether to choose a paid online course or just opt for free resources.

Available Free Online English Courses

If you’re looking for a free English course, there are a few reliable websites and universities you can visit. The following are some of the best options you can choose from:

· EnglishHelper. The main learning programs offered by this website include learning English and writing better. Learn English program is free while Write Better offers both paid and free options. Sign up on the site to begin using their picture dictionary and translations.

· Georgetown University. Some English online courses they offer include grammar & style, academic writing, conversational English, and networking through Email in English. The advantage of these free courses is that you can learn on your preferred schedule and there’s no registration fee collected.

· British Council IELTS. This free online course is available for sign-ups anytime you want. It helps learners who want to work or study abroad by testing their proficiency in English language and providing them proper training with a 6-week course including the materials.

These are only some of the most effective and dynamic free online courses available for newbie English learners. You can check out other free websites to find what you’re exactly looking for.

Top Paid Online English Courses

The thing about choosing paid options for online English learning is that they provide higher level of results. For instance, people who enrolled in paid English online classes are more proficient in the language than those who opted for free resources that are mostly self-paced or self-taught.

Check out these top paid online English courses:

Espresso English. If you want to speak, listen, and read in English more fluently, then Espresso English is the best course for you. It currently offers grammar & vocabulary, professional teacher, and unlimited resources to help you improve your English skills.

EnglishClass101. Although there are free lessons you can join, EnglishClass101 paid version offers more materials and quizzes to help you measure your English proficiency level and learning results. Things you need for a more effective learning include a stable network, online dashboard or pen and notebook, laptop, and a relaxing space for learning.

Udemy. This online learning website also offers some free lessons, but their paid courses are more effective to use. You can choose from a wide variety of video lectures to suit your needs. There are also quizzes and learning documents to make sure you are on the right track.

It’s not too late to learn a new language as long as you’re eager to develop your skills. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your career or simply become more fluent in the English language, paid online courses provide better learning results.

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