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How to deal with anxiety during corona crisis?

Coronavirus is stressing us out, financial insecurities begin to boil up. Why do we feel stress? Stress is our reaction, response to negative influences. When you think "I die"..."I am scared" How does that make you feel like? Well. I used these words on purpose, I am not trying to scare you off to death about corona. The point is our negative thoughts have impact on us. Every thought causes kinda like chain reaction. This chain reaction is so-called "stress". The most important thing you can do is to stay calm.

We might think, this could not happen to us. How come? I am such a strong personality?

Well, everyone is strong but once we lose something, it influences our mental state. We lose sense of security in our lives, because we believe in that truth. We believe that everything is bad and that mindset is a source of our stress.

Stress Management Strategies

Stress is not good. Stress makes us run, overreact. Stress is not solution to our problems. Its escape. Once we reconcile with the reality we will feel less nervous more relaxed, less overwhelmed by current world events. Signs of stress are: sweating, faster heartbeat, cold hands, feet etc.

Always see good in bad. Bad things can have another side of the coin. Global warming escalates, with the outbreak of corona pollution has decreased. Our Planet cannot feed all of us but we should treat it right. We should not destroy it but treasure it.

Don't read the news. What is it for? I don't read news cause its negative. When you feel that you're overwhelmed by negativity stop reading that immediately. You feel better 100%. Stress relief will come immediately.

Stress weakens your immune system

Awareness of the situation is important but panic is not a good thing. Panic can turn into real sickness. Do you know why cancer and other disease are on the rise? Well, stress is the reason. I don't know whether its the main reason but the truth remains stress is never good to us as it weakens our immunity as well.

Our society depends on money, money helps sustain a growing need within society. Money is the reason why you're scared because we rely on manufacturing. We became literally unable to create our own resources, produce our own products. If we can produce a meal, grow plants for our own purpose we can survive.

Correlations Between Magnesium and Stress

Magnesium is essential when you are in lots of stress. You should take magnesium regularly whenever you feel under the pressure at work or in school. Magnesium helps your body cope with stressful situations.

Why are we scared?

We feel scared of death but what makes you think you don't die the next day even if corona didn't exist? The car can run you over. Someone could shoot you. Someone kills you. The list goes on......

Why do we feel scared of something like death? Is there any guarantee?

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