The most challenging facts about teaching English to Chinese

How to start teaching English to Chinese?

Teaching Online means more flexibility e.g. more time devoted to your personal life. Online jobs enable you to travel distances and see different corners in the world. The idea of no commuting to work, no waking up early in the morning to catch the bus sounds pleasurable.

If you decide to become Online English teacher, here are a few things you should be aware of.

At first, you should decide what you expect from your Online teaching company before you decide for teaching in China. On-site teaching might be a better alternative for those who love to explore new cultures, the way of living.

  • flexibility (working hours)

  • freedom to travel

  • salary

Whether you are teaching a mix of Chinese adult students or children, knowledge of their cultural background can help you tremendously. Chinese have different attitudes towards teachers and their importance.

Teachers´ role is to provide the best education to their students in the classroom. The educational system is of upmost importance in China. Students should respect their teachers and working diligently is expected from them. They have to do lots of homework.

Whether you decide to teach English in China to students remotely or in the classroom is completely up to you. The main differences are between teaching systems of USA and CHINA. In spite of these disparities you should not be worried at all. Chinese are warm-hearted and kind people.

Why teaching English to Chinese is less demanding?

Education in China is more teacher-centered e.g.students respect teachers. Sitting obediently and silently is expected from students. Noisy students is something you may encounter in the US but not in the China. The main advantage, you won´t have to speak louder to be heard.

The effectivity of teaching process in the US vs China

The western education system has long been trying to avoid a teacher-oriented approach to education. Students are being prompted to be actively engaged during lessons.

On the other hand, Chinese are not used to this way of teaching foreign languages e.g they might be shy to answer your questions or even shy to ask you questions if they are confused.

Chinese may sometimes cheat in their task in spite of this, they are very respectful towards their teachers, something western students should learn from them. The repetition of information is highly emphasized during teaching.

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