Tips for beginners: Translating sentences

Aktualizace: 15. bře 2020

How do I translate? This is the most common question I used to ask myself when I was learning English language, at that time I did not know these simple tricks, which could have made my life much easier.

Translation of texts in foreign language may not be a piece of cake, especially for beginners. This step by step guide can help you with translation of articles, stories written in foreign languages. When you look for the meaning of word in a dictionary, this is what you get:

Crane first meaning: tall machine used for moving heavy objects. In the first case, it functions as a noun but it can have role of a verb as well. Therefore, before you translate a word, the scope of its meaning should be defined.

Typical structure of English sentence:

Subject (usually Noun) + verb +object

Something , Someone + does + something, someone

Understanding basic sentence structure helps you define the word class of a word. Once you know if the word is a noun or a verb, you can proceed to translation itself. Look for meaning of word in google by typing: crane verb meaning.

This way, you will get meaning of verb not of a noun, because noun has a completely different meaning. We could say the meaning of word crane is defined by its context (particular situation in which the word occurs) or even by the position within the sentence.

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