What does a virtual assistant do?

Businesses and entrepreneurs now have a huge demand for virtual assistants. Whether you’re operating a business online or offline, it’s essential to have a skilled assistant to help you carry out day to day tasks. So, what does a social media virtual assistant do and why is this job very important to all kinds of businesses today?

Most Common Virtual Assistant Tasks

Every business has unique needs when it comes to managing and retaining customers. Therefore, hiring a virtual assistant depends on what you need to accomplish. Business owners may require an expert in administrative work, internet research, or real estate management.

Virtual assistants are knowledgeable in completing various tasks assigned to them. The following are some of the most common tasks they can accomplish for you:

Organize meetings and respond to emails. Administrative tasks such as managing emails, booking events, following up with customers, and answering support tickets are the usual tasks given to administrative virtual assistants. These are all essentials in operating a successful online business, especially with the growing competition in all industries.

Create social media content. E-commerce tasks can also be assigned to VAs including writing product descriptions, commenting on product reviews, and editing images and graphics. In addition, you can also hire them to create your pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram as well as business profiles on YouTube and Twitter.

Conduct market research. For those who need to regularly find information for their business, hiring a virtual assistant to do internet research is a huge help. Other things they can do is search for guest bloggers, stay updated on what competitors do, and search for the latest trends in the industry.

Build and update database. Data entry is one of the best practices that help build businesses today. This is particularly helpful for branding companies that conduct online surveys for clients. Data entry VAs know how to build and update databases, review data, generate reports, enter information into CRMs, and compile data from surveys.

Set up appointments and prepare seminar materials. If you’re in the real estate industry, you need a virtual assistant who can manage your requirements. Some tasks you can assign include organizing a meeting with clients, following up appointments, running business ads, searching for available properties in the area, and updating changes on the listings.

Provide chat support. A virtual admin may also offer email support service to keep your clients and customers updated on your business. You can hire a virtual chat support team from different time zones in order to provide 24/7 customer service. Investing in great customer support is crucial to any businesses as it helps retain customers and even turn them to loyal clients.

There’s no need for certifications or specific training to say that a person is qualified as a virtual assistant. The key to succeed in this career is to acquire relevant skills and provide efficient service to businesses and brands. So, are you looking to hire a VA today? Make sure to consider what specific tasks you need to get done before hiring a virtual assistant.

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