Why It’s Important to Learn to Type Fast When Applying for a Data Science Job

Aktualizace: 8. čvn 2020

There are essential skills needed to become a successful data scientist. For instance, it’s important to have a fast typing skill due to the nature of the job. You need to make sure every information you type is accurate and complete as well as easy to present.

So if you’re just beginning to build a career in data science, the first thing you need to learn is how to type fast. After all, typing fast is one of the invaluable skills you can acquire today. To help you start, this guide will provide you with the basic steps to become a fast typist.

How to Learn to Type Fast

Now that you’re here to learn to type fast, it’s important to first check your typing speed. That way, you will know how to improve your skill and what bad habits in typing to let go and forget in order to become a keyboard master.

Here are some of the most helpful tips you need to know to become a fast typing data scientist:

Know what each keyboard shortcut is for. Navigating the basic keyboard shortcuts, either in Mac OS or Windows, will help you easily complete your task even without using a mouse. Some of the important shortcuts you need to learn include copy, paste, undo, cut, and save.

Master touch typing. Seasoned typists can accurately type words without looking at their keyboards. If you really want to type faster, touch typing can help improve your typing speed. The best way to do this is to practice regularly so that your fingers will be familiarized with all the keys.

Understand proper finger placement. The index fingers should be placed on the F and J keys so that other fingers will naturally find their respective positions. The ring fingers and middle fingers are only used on some keys, while the index fingers are used on the middle part of your keyboard.

Use apps to practice. It might feel stressful to practice typing on your keyboard. Good thing there are typing games you can play to practice your typing skills while having fun. There are apps you can use for free such as Typing Maniac and TypeRacer to improve your typing speed.

Forget about your bad habits. If you have any typing habits that are not supposed to be practiced, you need to let go of them now. Whether you’re using your fingers randomly to type words or putting too much pressure when pressing the keys, remember there’s a proper way to use the keyboard. Some people are even using two fingers only to type, making it difficult to find the right keys.

Employers in the data science industry are looking for candidates with excellent typing skills. If you are not an experienced touch typist yet, make time to learn to type fast so that you can easily land a job as a data scientist. The higher typing speed, the better chances you have to build your dream career.

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