Why the Best Way to Learn Spanish does not exist?

Motivate yourself

Without motivation you won´t be able to learn Spanish language. Therefore, motivate yourself as much as possible.

How do we say ´´you want in spanish´´? Yo quiero right? Learning Spanish or any foreign languages is not easy task. Without proper guidance learning can become your worst nightmare!!

You hear it all the time ´´ I need to study more in Spanish´´ How do I accomplish that?´´

Well, first of all you need the study plan.

When I was learning English, yes English is not my mother, I used various method of learning. Some worked better than others. One mistake I feel was the biggest one, not communicating in the language right from the start!!!

Communication is the key in relationship as well as in learning foreign languages =)

Various methods of learning languages have been proposed to teachers but there is discord between what Works the best and what does not work at all.

Reading books helps tremendously you might hear them saying a lot. It does not. Well, writers have vocabulary span of 20 000 words or even more. Vocabulary for basic conversations consist of barely 10 000 basic words.

Books contain figurative language, lots of difficult, complex expressions you won´t be able to comprehend as beginner learner. Seek materials adjusted to your level, beginner level reading books.

Is there the best way to learn Spanish?

Lots of companies offer courses with audio, authenic materials. When you buy a book by Stephen King. Do not expect to understand at all.

His way of writing is elaborated, years of writing experience. Only few writers can accomplish something like that. I am not saying ´´Don´t read S.K.´´ What I mean is try to read easy stories.

The best way to learn Spanish is talking with language partner, someone who is acquintained with the Spanish language. Do not look for pen friends. Those people are not interested in helping you improve your Spanish speaking.

Unlike Spanish teachers, who will help you, correct mistakes in your speaking. They are trained to explain complex grammatical structures, problems you might encounter in your learning journey.

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